Completion of the TULIP gas project for GRTgaz


In early 2019, Fives Nordon got final acceptance for the “TULIP” project completed for GRTGaz in France.

This pilot project included the conversion of pipes used to transport type B gas into type H gas pipes in Northern of France.

For Fives Nordon and its subcontractors, the TULIP project represents:

  • an 18-month project

  • 14 months of work

  • 18,000 hours by Fives Nordon (excluding subcontracted work)

  • 13 Transport tests with 21 validated test files

  • 7 connections to the existing network + 3 connections between new lines

  • Regassing on time and with no leaks across more than 60 flange connections at 85 bar.

This project is the achievement of a whole team and the result of a great collaboration with GRTgaz (Projects team, design office and operating team).