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Fives’ Piping Solutions business line offers maintenance and building services for nuclear and thermal power plants. Backed by its strong know-how (that started as early as in the 1970s), by its local services and mobile teams ready to operate throughout France, the Piping Solutions business line has positioned Fives as a key player in high added-value industrial piping.

Nuclear Energy

Specialized in new nuclear construction

Through its Piping Solutions offer, Fives has been involved in French and foreign nuclear programs (900 MW, 1300 MW, 1400 MW) since 1975 building water-steam piping systems in machine rooms and auxiliary piping in reactor buildings.

Fives' Piping Solutions business line continues to work with major industrialists in the energy sector, both in France and abroad and has built EPRs (conventional, nuclear and reactor units) in Finland, France and China. Services include prefabrication of primary and auxiliary piping, (containment penetration and crossing), surge lines, HP, MP and LP piping for the water-steam cycle, and GRP piping for water recovery circuits. Fives also offers BOP (Balance of Plant) studies and engineering as well as provides custom supplies.

Its skills range from the detailed design stage to assembly, including procurement and prefabrication, with mobile teams experienced in project management in France and abroad.  

The maintenance specialist for France's nuclear base

Through its Piping Solutions business line, Fives currently works on France's 58 reactors  while in operation and during scheduled generating unit shutdowns, totaling over 600,000 work hours every year.

Local teams are located throughout France offering fast hands-on service: 

  • Expertise in piping systems and supports
  • Circuit modification
  • Steam generator and heat exchanger replacement
  • Inspection and requalification
  • Prefabrication of replacement parts for primary circuits
  • GSS reloading
  • Manufacture of replacement parts (the expansion joints, exchangers, sleeves, etc.)

Special resources for the nuclear business sector

In an effort to meet the requirements of the nuclear sector and its customers, Fives' Piping Solutions offer includes:

  • Skilled employees trained in nuclear safety: team leaders, foremen, welders, pipefitters, reamers, x-ray and NDT inspectors, Class A and B workers (DATR staff).
  • Special prefabrication workshops.
  • A pickling station
  • A storage unit for RCC-M class tubes.

Across all its Piping Solutions sites, Fives has dedicated close to 10,000 m2 to the nuclear sector.

Thermal Energy

60 years of global experience in thermal energy

Since the 1950s, Fives' Piping Solutions business line has been helping to build conventional, supercritical and combined cycle power plants around the world (Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania).It offers customers HP piping engineering and execution services, installation of technical modules for combined cycle power plants on HP and MP piping in alloyed steel along with maintenance of thermal power plants in operation or during unit shutdowns.
Fives' Piping Solutions offer has extensive skills in the thermal energy sector, including: 

  • Detailed engineering studies
  • Stress analyses
  • Procurement
  • Prefabrication
  • Assembly and assembly supervision
  • Onsite expertise

Special resources for the thermal energy sector

For its stress analyses, the engineering offices at Fives' Piping Solutions use Pipestress and Rohr 2 software. It is skilled in numerous construction codes (ASME, CODAP, CODETI, RCC-M 2007, etc.) and has been specially certified (ISO 9001, ASME, STAMP U, STAMP PP).  It also has technical expertise in welding heavy wall alloyed steel (P11, P22, P91, P92).
To meet the specific requirements of its customers, the business line has a 3,000 m2 prefabrication shop for cutting, output, beveling, induction bending and piping as well as manual and semi-automatic welding.

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