Fives Nordon’s training center referenced in “Datadock”

Fives Nordon-datadock-FIVES

Fives Nordon’s training center, which includes the Welding School (founded in 1994) and the Support Structure Inspection training program, has been referenced in “DATADOCK” since December 18, 2017: real recognition of our teams’ technical training skills.

DATADOCK is a unified, and now mandatory, database, which simplifies the process for training centers to be referenced by funding providers. It also aims at increasing monitoring and quality control of training centers.

Fives Nordon met all Datadock’s 21 Quality criteria, including demonstrating its ability to:

  •       Tailor its training programs to participants,
  •       Assess participants’ progress throughout the program,
  •       Meet the regulatory requirements for hosting the public,
  •       Provide participants with appropriate educational resources.

Datadock referencing is proof of the credibility and quality of the technical training offered to Fives Nordon customers.