Nuclear Energy

Flagship projects in new construction

Flamanville 3 EPR (France)

  • Alstom Power (2010-2012): GRP piping for various water systems
  • Areva NP (2008-2015): NSSS channels with RCC-M Level 1 classification and surge lines
  • Areva NP (2008-2017): auxiliary piping and supports around the reactor building
  • Alstom Power (2007-2016): HP water piping, water-steam and supports in the machine room.

Olkiluoto 3 EPR (Finland) and Taishan 1&2 (China)

  • Areva NP (2010-2012): NSSS channels with RCC-M level 1 classification and surge lines

Chinese nuclear program


  • Yangjiang 3&4, Fanghenggang 1&2 (2011-2013) : surge lines
  • Taishan 1&2 (2008-2009) : containment penetrations
  • Hongyanhe 1-4, Ningde 1&2, Yangjiang 1&2 (2007-2012) :primary piping and surge lines
  • Ling Ao 3&4 (2006-2008) : NSSS auxiliary piping.


  • Fuqing 1&2 (2009), Fuqing 3&4 (2011-2013) :surge lines
  • Qinshan 3&4 (2006-2009) : Primary piping and surge lines

Georges Besse Plant II (France)

SET/SGN (2007-2014) :

  • Piping and connections for process fluids in annexes and corridors (four generating units in South plant, three generating units in North plant)

Onsite maintenance contracts

EDF CIPN (2010-2015) – EDF nuclear fleet, series P’4

  • Framework contract for maintenance of nuclear power plants, series P’4 (five power plants, 12 generating units).
  • Modification works in the nuclear steam plant.

EDF (2008-2013) - Bugey nuclear power plant (01)

  • Ten-year inspection 3: mechanical modification and equipment installation in generating units 2 to 5.

Areva (2008-2012) - Bugey nuclear power plants 2&3 (01), Fessenheim 2 (68), Gravelines 3 (59) and Chinon (37)

  • Dismantling and refits for auxiliary piping on the steam generator.

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