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Industry know-how in composite piping

Through its Piping Solutions offer, Fives researches, prefabricates and assembles piping systems made of composite materials: Level 3 IPS certified, non-certified, seismic calculated; and [currents not certified or measured for seismic activity]. These piping systems are mainly designed for fire systems in nuclear power plants and saltwater systems on ships.

A qualified partner

Fives' Piping Solutions business line is equally comfortable working on sites that are in operation or under construction. EDF has certified it to conduct studies, prefabricate and assemble at power production plants. It also develops customized Bonding and Stratification Process Specifications (BPS and SPS).

All of Fives' employees who work at operating nuclear plants receive QSP training (supplier safety and quality).

Fives' Piping Solutions business line has used these qualifications to build piping for fire systems at nuclear power plants and saltwater systems on ships for industry leaders like Alstom, EDF, STX and Total.

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Fives and its Piping Solutions business line have worked together on nuclear contracts for new EPRs and next-generation thermal plants to provide:

the primary piping systems for EPR Olkiluoto 3, Flamanville 3, Taishan 1 and 2 for Areva,

piping systems and onsite installation of the test loop for the Areva JSPM EPR primary motor-driven pump units,

Inconel 82 buttering and butt-joining for containment openings in the EPR Flamanville 3 reactor building

high-pressure piping systems for next-generation thermal plants.

In an ongoing effort to maintain our employees' qualifications and skills, the business line has two training centers in  manual and automated welding at our facilities in Nancy  and Cherbourg,  France. 

The business line also has an industrial site in Nancy, a division specifically focused on development. This division features a modular floor design that can be moved around to simulate real-life environments and machinery footprints.

Fives’ Piping Solutions business line develops innovative welding processes for its customers that meet their special requirements. Some recent developments by our R&D teams:

  • automatic welding for valves located in high-radiation zones,
  • repairing blades in primary heat pumps,
  • TIG orbital narrow gap welding 

Fives and its Piping Solutions business line have 160 employees certified in welding  who can work on over 2,000 Welding Process Specifications (WPS)  and qualify for the standard international industrial codes (EN, ISO, RCC-M, RSE-M, ASME, AD-MERKBLATT, etc.). 

These WPSs cover a wide range of metal alloy grades: all low-alloy steels, high-alloy steels, P91 and P92 martensitic steels for thermal plants, ferrite/austenitic/austenitic-ferrite (dual-phase grade) stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, copper alloys and titanium alloys.

GRP Technical specifications

  • Diameter: exterior 25-600 mm.
  • Length of sections: custom-built up to 18 m.
  • Monthly prefabrication output: up to 4000 m bonded.
  • Assembly by bonding and stratification.
  • Constant control of temperature and hygrometry.
  • Curing furnace with capacity of 12 linear meters.

Fives Piping Solutions offers its customers an option to divide tubes into individual components, depending on their needs.

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