Welding school / training

Fives piping solutions formation-FIVES

               A technical training policy generating high-level expertise

At its Piping Solutions business line, Fives invests heavily in its training policy to keep its employees up to speed on the latest technologies.

Companies are required by law to pay for their staff's continuing education, which amounts to 1.6% of payroll costs. Fives believes continuing education is a critical asset and budgets a much higher amount for it every year. In 2014, the subsidiary budgeted 4.73% (over €1.7 million) of payroll costs for continued career training for its employees (training program, DIF [France's personal right to training requirement] and CIF [personal training leave]).

The Welding School

Opened in 1994, the Welding School is a well-known training institute.

Its mission is to train present and future employees by maintaining and advancing knowledge and serving as a resource for bringing the company's technological and business sides together.

The Welding School provides in-house training for welders and operators at the Fives Piping Solutions business line and is accredited to provide outside training for interns in partnership with schools in the Lorraine region. These connections with regional partners help the company spot and hire young talent. 


The CEPC (Cherbourg Center for Assessment and Advanced Training) offers testing and advanced training for skilled welders who install nuclear piping systems on the Flamanville 3 EPR.

Outside candidates and employees are eligible for training once they have successfully completed the recruitment phase passed selection tests and evaluations.

Depending on their experience and initial level of technical proficiency, interns earn the required credentials in steel and stainless steel welding after completing their advanced courses or training.

The Management School

Fives' Piping Solutions Management School was founded to improve the managerial skills of operational managers (team leaders, foremen, shop managers).

It also helps permanently instill a culture of common practices and vocabulary for basic team management in areas like leading a team, running a meeting, managing quality and safety and employee advancement.

Staff who attend the Management School can qualify for promotions to supervisory functions and build stronger teams.

Sharing knowledge at in-house training courses

Through its Piping Solutions business line, Fives has created 70 in-house training courses to leverage its employees' expertise in subjects such as:

  • Safety
  • Testing
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Business
  • Management
  • Welding

The program includes engineering education and course instruction.