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Continuous improvement for welding processes

Fives' Piping Solutions business line has always invested heavily in R&D programs, most importantly to improve its welding processes.  Recent examples of R&D developments showcase the expertise and capacity for innovation of the Piping Solutions business line.

Experts in TIG orbital narrow gap welding

At its Piping Solutions business line, Fives has developed proprietary welding heads to use TIG orbital narrow gap welding for heavy wall circular welds. Classifications achieved include thicknesses of up to 152 mm.

Among other applications, the process has been used to supply piping systems and onsite assembly at the test loop for the Areva EPR primary motor-driven pump unit. 

Manufactured by molding 316LN austenitic stainless steel, the pipes have an external diameter range of 1,000 mm to 1,200 mm and thicknesses of between 65 mm and 100 mm. 

Expertise in P92 steel bending and welding techniques

X10CrWMoVNb9-2, or ASTM A 335 P92, is a newly developed grade of high chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. Due to its resistance to creep, it can be used in next-generation supercritical thermal power plants.

As part of its Piping Solutions offer, Fives has developed induction bending and welding processes specifically for this grade. It is qualified for induction bending of heavy wall pipes (63 mm) at a radius of 2.5D and for welding this grade, which requires exhaustive knowledge of weld-related thermal cycles for the TIG + EE, orbital TIG and submerged arc processes. 

Custom-built offers for the oil & gas industry

Sometimes called clad pipes, carbon-manganese steel pipes coated with CRA (Corrosion-Resistant Alloy) are a low-cost effective solution for preventing corrosion and erosion in the oil & gas industry. They combine advanced resistance to corrosion and abrasion (internal CRA coating) with excellent resilience and tensile strength (external HLE coating).

Because they are cost-effective and offer a technical advantage, clad pipes are emerging as a future solution in the offshore oil & gas industry.

To meet an ever-increasing demand, the Fives Piping Solutions business line has become certified in induction bending of hot-roll bonded clad pipes. This certification comes after devising and conducting a battery of tests based on criteria that meet the highest standards set by a series of building codes and major oil operators.

Through its Piping Solutions offer, Fives also designs R&D projects currently focused on developing a new weld overlay process for bending CRA-coated pipes.