Fives piping solutions recrutement-FIVES

Staffing needs

Every year since 2008, Fives has hired 150-250 more people for its Piping Solutions business line. 

These staff increases are driven by a growing business. Nearly 50% of the jobs are in production and shop testing, 25% in line management and 25% in executive positions. 

Careers in constant development

There is a wide variety of human resources tools and initiatives, including recruitment, inclusion programs, personal career management, training programs and staff referrals. Every effort is made to offer comprehensive and rewarding career development.

Fives is committed to a functional policy of diversity and quality by providing unique prospects, career advancement, responsibility and opportunity for its employees.

"The most attractive company in Eastern France, in 2011"

Operated by OpinionWay Institute, RegionJob conducted a Best Employer survey in partnership with L’Express magazine in October 2011 and recognized the Fives Nordon as the most attractive company in Eastern France. 

The survey asked over 9,000 candidates and company employees to rank more than 1,000 companies on a scale from 1 to 10 in 25 areas. It was mostly focused on their attractiveness in terms of human resources and contained questions about career management, company image and management.

The survey revealed that the key assets for companies are sound financial health, HR policy, quality of management and social stewardship. For the subsidiary, this was the culmination of efforts made by its human resources department as well as management as a whole.