Piping Solutions offer

The high-tech industrial piping specialist

Through its Piping Solutions activity, Fives designs and manufactures high-performance pipe networks and equipment for all types of industry.

Its teams' skills in design, supply, fabrication, assembly, and on-site expertise mean that it can support customers throughout their projects or for a given phase.


  • Integrated design office
  • Management of engineering projects
  • Process, design, and 2-D and 3-D production studies, procurement specifications
  • Calculations
  • On-site surveys and expert analyses

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  • Fabrication of highly technical products: induction bending, expansion joints, aluminum piping and pressure vessels, pressurized devices and exchangers, skids, Polytubes® and scale removal
  • 33,000 sq. m dedicated to prefabrication in 7 workshops across France: carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel

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  • Construction of new nuclear reactors in France and abroad (EPR and CPR 1,000)
  • Maintenance and modernization program for France's nuclear reactors (900 MW, 1,300 MW, and 1,400 MW section)
  • Construction of new industrial installations

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  • Nuclear: work on 58 French nuclear reactors, both during operations and during scheduled unit shutdowns
  • Industry: local Piping, Pressure vessel and Maintenance service

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