Fives piping solutions history-FIVES

Fives Nordon becomes Fives Piping Solutions business line – 2000 – 2014

2014:  Fives Nordon operates under the Fives brand through the Fives Group’s Piping Solutions business line. 

2007: Aligning itself more closely with the Fives-Lille Group (now Fives), Nordon Industries rebrands and becomes Fives Nordon.

2000:  Nordon & Cie becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fives-Lille Group and changes its name to Nordon Industries. Drawing more heavily on its unique industry know-how, the company refocuses on piping-related activities. Starting in 2003, it experiences strong growth due to a rise in energy needs and a resurgence in the nuclear and thermal power station construction industry.

Nordon & Cie diversifies and gains a foothold in the nuclear industry – 1940-1990

1973-1990: Following the first oil crisis in 1973, Nordon & Cie becomes a major player in France's budding nuclear program, which includes a base of 58 nuclear reactors. It helps install the water-steam pipes in machine rooms and nuclear auxiliary piping systems in reactor buildings. It devises its quality system, which it maintained and continues to improve to this day.

1958:  Nordon Frères merges with barrel-maker Fruhinsholz and renames the company Norfru. Then in 1962, it merges with Diebold, which specializes in brewing and malting equipment manufacturing, pumps and materials handling. Norfru becomes NFD, and then Nordon & Cie in 1968.

Over the course of 50 years, Nordon & Cie develops its piping activities in numerous sectors, such as oil, gas, agri-food and energy.

1940-1970: Nordon Frères plays a pivotal role in the second industrial revolution (the Glorious Thirties) and, bolstered by its core business of piping, becomes one of the leading builders of thermal power plants (1950-1970).  

Nordon Frères, the origins – 1904-1940

1904-1940: Pioneering Gustave Nordon expands his business and files 23 patents from 1917 to 1940. He creates the famous "Nordon pipe sleeve." 

From 1930 to 1940, the quality and advanced technology generated by Nordon Frères earns it recognition for piping and pressure vessels.

February 1, 1904: Gustave Nordon founds Nordon Frères, a pressure vessel company in Nancy, France.